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"This tax guy knows and helps so much more than other CPAs I have worked with."
-- Elizabeth Murphy

"I thought I knew something about how to do my taxes until I met Greg.
If you are self-employed, you need him!"
-- Kristie W.

"The information Greg presented was always in concise laymen's terms and he was fantastic at giving understandable real-life examples of how I could save money on my taxes."
-- Marilyn Marques

"You won't believe how much you'll save by taking his tax class." -- Christel Chmelar

"I learned a lot more than I expected to. I was hoping for basics and got good, detailed instructions."
-- Beth Loubet

"The IRS wanted to charge us an additional $9,000 in back taxes from a two-year-old tax return.  We called Greg and he submitted an appeal to the IRS for us.  We are very happy that they have agreed to charge us only $31 dollars in interest and have accepted Greg’s documentation and arguments on our behalf.  We are so grateful to Greg that we have already hired him for this year’s tax return.  And next year’s…!”
  -- Michael Domjan, PhD.

"I have been grateful to have Greg Schroen preparing my tax returns and handling many other issues since 1995.  Greg has been a supportive advisor every time I've made a financial decision that affects my career and/or my family.  He's seen me through the refinance of a mortgage loan most companies didn't want to touch, released me from the nightmare of doing my own bookkeeping, found me a great new retirement savings opportunity, and is now helping a nonprofit that I direct with its complicated IRS filing.  He is also a warm and caring human being whose talents allow me to feel secure and prosperous.  Greg Schroen is the person I turn to for pragmatic advice and support."
-- Elvia Arriola, Attorney and Professor of Law

"Even as the gates of timely filing begin to close on April 15th, Greg talks with me in a way that makes me feel like I am his only client. One can't get more successful in business than that."
-- Susan Terwilliger, Licensed Midwife, Eagle River, Alaska

"After taking tax class given by Greg Schroen, I increased my home office deductions by $8,808 over-and-above the way I was going about it in the previous year.  There were some things I had to start doing, but Greg’s class made the process simple, and the direct result was that I obtained a very real cash refund of $2,542!  What I learned far exceeded the cost of his tax class and that knowledge will continue to save me money on taxes for years to come.  In fact, I will be taking the class again this year because I’m now aware there is still more I can do to get an even bigger tax refund this next year, and I’m confident this class will help me do just that." -- S. T.

“I believe we should all pay our tax bill with a smile.
I tried -- but they wanted cash.”

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